2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p

The 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin is a gem in the numismatic world. Its captivating design and scarcity make it highly sought-after. In this blog post, we’ll unravel the story behind this remarkable piece.

2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p history

2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p

In anticipation of the 2012 London Olympics, the Royal Mint released 29 different 50p designs in 2011. These coins celebrated various Olympic and Paralympic sports. The 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p was one of these coins.

Design of the 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p

The design of the 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin is truly mesmerizing. Artist Roderick Enriquez crafted the artwork. It features two wrestlers locked in a grapple, symbolizing the sport’s intensity. The Olympic rings and ‘Wrestling’ inscription complete the design.

2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p Mintage – how many were made?

The rarity of the 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin is a major factor in its appeal. The Royal Mint produced only 1,125,500 of these coins. This low mintage makes it one of the scarcest Olympic 50p designs.


The 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin has become a collector’s item, with its value often exceeding its face value. In some cases, the coin fetches up to £20. The coin’s value depends on its condition and rarity. Uncirculated coins, particularly those in mint packaging, command higher prices.


Despite the low mintage, the 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin still made it into circulation. Many people unknowingly used these coins for everyday transactions. Consequently, some circulated coins may show signs of wear and tear.


The 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin holds a special place in many coin collectors’ hearts. To complete the entire set of 29 Olympic and Paralympic 50p coins, the Wrestling 50p is essential. As a result, collectors actively search for this elusive coin.

Investment Potential:

For those interested in the investment aspect, the 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin shows potential. Its value has increased over time, driven by its scarcity and demand. Investors should consider the coin’s condition and rarity when assessing its worth.

Tips for Finding a 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p

Locating a 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you on your quest:

  1. Check your change: You might get lucky and find one in your daily transactions.
  2. Visit coin fairs: Dealers and fellow collectors can help you locate the coin.
  3. Online auctions: Websites like eBay often list the 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coinfor sale.
  4. Local coin shops: Consult with local numismatists who may have the coin in their inventory.
  5. Coin forums: Engage with other collectors who may be willing to trade or sell their 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coins.
  6. Social media groups: Join collector groups on Facebook and other platforms where enthusiasts share their finds and offer coins for sale or trade.


The 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin is a captivating piece of numismatic history. Its stunning design, limited mintage, and value make it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts. Use the tips provided to track down this elusive coin and complete your Olympic 50p collection. Whether for investment or the love of the hobby, the 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p coin is a treasure worth pursuing.

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