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So you’ve started collecting coins, that’s great. But how should you look after your collection and keep your rare coins in the best possible condition? Some of the coins in your collection will have survived being used on a daily basis for many years, often followed by years of being sat in a drawer (if you’re lucky), or maybe they’ve been stuck in a farmer’s field or in the sea for years and years before being found and brought back into numismatic circulation. What you don’t want to do is to damage your coins by not looking after them properly, and if you are spending money on building your coin collection, it’s worth factoring in a relatively small amount of money to ensure that you keep them in the best possible condition for the future.

There are lots of coin storage options available and to some extent, it’s largely a matter of preference, budget, and how much room you have to keep them. You also might want to consider whether you want to hide your coin collection away, or perhaps you want it to be on display in your home so that you can show people, or maybe younger family members, what you have assembled (ideally without letting them handle the coins in question!)

Here are some suggestions for how to store coins collection. Hit any link to take a closer look at the coin storage solutions included below.

It would seem to us to be a real shame to take a lot of time, care, and sometimes expense to put together a decent coin collection only to have it deteriorate because you have skimped on coin storage. Whether it’s rare coin albums, a coin case with trays to hold your coins in, or a coin cabinet, there are lots of inexpensive and even cheap options out there that will ensure that your collections stays in the condition that you acquired it.

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