New 2018 UK coins

New 2018 UK coin designs

New 2018 UK coin designsUK new Coins for 2018

The Royal Mint has already started minting new 2018 coins to add to the large number of interesting and collectors coins already in circulation. It has some space to fill for coin collectors since changing the design of the one pound coin in 2017 as that took a lot of limited edition pound coins out of the pool of coins that might end up in your change.

So, what are the new UK coins for 2018?

So far we have the following new commemorative UK coins in circulation.  These are mainly new £2 coin designs and a new 50p design.

  1. RAF £2 coin – the new Royal Air force £2 coin celebrates 100 years since the formation of the Royal Air Force. I was surprised that it was so “young” but it was formed in 1918. This is a stunning new two pound coin to look out for.
  2. World War 1 Armistice £2 – another world war one themed coin, and this time, commemorating the end of the war in 1918.
  3. Representation of the people 50p – this new fifty pence coin marks the changes brought in by this Act of Parliament which gave a number of groups of people the right to vote. Most notably, of course, women.
  4. Mary Shelly Two hundred years since The Modern Prometheus £2 – this new two pound coin celebrates the bi-centenary of the publication of Mary Shelly’s book, The Modern Prometheus –  better known as Frankenstein.

What are the new 2018 UK coins worth?

Follow the above links to find out more information about these coins and what they are currently selling for online. If you have found one in your change, check it out before you spend it, it might be worth more than you think. Or it might be worth its face value.

We are sure that the Royal Mint will have plenty of new ideas for exciting commemorative coins to follow. We look forward to bringing you news about them and help in working out what they are worth (over and above their face value of course).

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