Finding coins with a metal detector

Finding coins with a metal detector can be an exciting and rewarding hobby. In this blog post, we will share useful tips and techniques to help you locate valuable coins using your metal detector.

Choose the Right Metal Detector

First, you need to invest in a quality metal detector suitable for coin hunting. Opt

for a device with an adjustable sensitivity and discrimination feature. This will help you filter out unwanted items and focus on finding coins with a metal detector. Popular models like Garrett AT Pro and Minelab Equinox 800 are worth considering for their efficiency and ease of use.

Know the Best Locations

Finding coins with a metal detector

Next, research historical locations where coins are likely to be found. Old parks, fairgrounds, and abandoned settlements are great places to start. Also, check out popular beaches, as many people lose coins there. Moreover, seek permission from landowners when searching on private property to avoid any legal issues.

Master Your Detector’s Settings

Now that you’ve chosen a location, familiarize yourself with your metal detector’s settings. Begin by adjusting the sensitivity, which determines how deep the detector can detect metal objects. Furthermore, use the discrimination feature to filter out junk items, such as nails and bottle caps. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of finding coins with a metal detector.

Scan the Area Methodically

When scanning, keep the search coil close to the ground and move it in a slow, sweeping motion. Cover the entire area in a grid pattern, making sure not to miss any spots. Additionally, mark areas you’ve already searched to avoid duplicating efforts.

Dig Carefully and Responsibly

Once your metal detector signals a potential find, carefully dig around the target area. Use a small handheld trowel or a specialized digging tool to avoid damaging the coin. And, remember to refill any holes you dig to preserve the environment and maintain good relations with landowners.

Clean and Preserve Your Finds

After successfully finding coins with a metal detector, gently clean them using a soft brush and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the coins. For valuable or rare coins, consult a professional for cleaning advice. Finally, store your coins in appropriate holders to preserve their condition. See our page on how to clean your coins.

Join a Metal Detecting Club

To further enhance your skills, consider joining a local metal detecting club. Here, you’ll meet like-minded enthusiasts and share tips and experiences. Plus, you can participate in group hunts, which can be more enjoyable and productive than hunting alone.


In conclusion, finding coins with a metal detector requires patience, practice, and perseverance. By following these tips and honing your skills, you’ll increase your chances of unearthing valuable coins. So, grab your metal detector and embark on a thrilling treasure-hunting adventure!

Choosing a metal detectorFinding coins with a metal detector

Here are some metal detector suggestions. Read the reviews, and get the opinions of other treasure hunters before you purchase. These are just some suggestions (note – these are affiliate links).

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