2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p

Discover the 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p. A rare and desirable collector’s item. Dive into its history and unique features. One of many great collector’s items from the Royal Mint.

The 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p is a treasure. It’s a unique coin commemorating the London 2012 Olympic Games. Among 29 designs, the Aquatics 50p stands out. It’s an all-time favorite for coin collectors.

The Royal Mint launched the 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p. It was part of the London 2012 Sports Collection. With over 2.6 million minted, rarity is the key. Fewer in circulation make it a sought-after collectible.

The Aquatics 50p design features a swimmer. Jonathan Olliffe is the talented designer. The coin showcases a dynamic aquatic scene. The lines illustrate water, motion, and speed. The design is simple yet captivating.

What makes the 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p special and worth money?

The 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p has two versions. The original depicts the swimmer’s face underwater. Later, the design changed, hiding the face. The first version is the real rarity. It’s more valuable for collectors.

The first version of the 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p is elusive. Estimates suggest only 600 are in existence. These are a true prize for collectors. The second version, while still collectible, is more common.

The 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p is worth more than face value. A rare first version can fetch hundreds of pounds. Its value is ever-increasing due to scarcity. Keep an eye out for this unique find.

How to identify a first mintage Olympic Aquatics 50p coin

Spotting a genuine 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p takes attention. The swimmer’s face is the key differentiator. Check for the face covered by water in version one. The second version has the face hidden. You can see how this is shown in the cropped image shown. The lines indicate the water flowing around the face – on the second more common version, the face is clear and does not have those water lines over it.

The 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p is a part of history. The London 2012 Olympics was an unforgettable event. Arguably this coin embodies the spirit of the Games. It’s a must-have for Olympic enthusiasts and coin collectors.

2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p

Don’t overlook the coin’s composition. The 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p is a cupronickel alloy. It contains 75% copper and 25% nickel. This gives it durability and a pleasant shine. A quality coin for your collection.

Preserve your 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p in the best condition. Store it in a protective capsule or folder. Avoid touching the coin with bare hands. Oils from your skin can cause damage. Handle with care and respect.

Expand your 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p knowledge. Research is crucial for collectors. Learn about grading, rarity, and value. Therefore, join forums and online communities. Connect with fellow enthusiasts and experts.

Ready to hunt for a 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p? Check online marketplaces and auctions. Visit coin shops and fairs. Ask local collectors for leads. Persistence pays off in the search for this rare gem. Obviously make sure you are looking at the correct version. Version one is the rare one. However, it is rare.


The 2011 Olympic Aquatics 50p is a valuable collectible – IF you can find a first issue. Its rarity, design, and historical significance make it a prize. Keep an eye out for this elusive coin. Add it to your collection and cherish its story. Happy hunting! If you liked this post you may also be interested in the Loch Ness Monster 10p 

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