2011 Olympic Judo 50p

The 2011 Olympic Judo 50p coin has piqued collectors’ interest for years. This unique piece commemorates an iconic Olympic sport. Today, we’ll delve into the history, design, and value of this sought-after coin.

In 2011, the Royal Mint released a series of 50p coins. They celebrated the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games. The 2011 Olympic Judo 50p was among the 29 designs. It showcased the various sports featured in the games.2011 Olympic Judo 50p

Judo, a martial art, originated in Japan in the late 19th century. It gained international recognition as an Olympic sport in 1964. The 2011 Olympic Judo 50p coin honors this martial art’s history and prowess.

The coin’s design is a work of art. It features two judoka, or judo practitioners, in mid-grapple. The words “JUDO” and “50 PENCE” encircle the athletes. David Cornell, a British graphic designer, created the stunning design.

How many 2011 Olympic Judo 50p were minted?

Collectors appreciate the coin’s intricate and dynamic portrayal of judo. They also value its rarity. Only 1,161,500 2011 Olympic Judo 50p coins were minted. This makes it one of the scarcer coins in the Olympic 50p series. Its scarcity adds to the coin’s allure and desirability among collectors.

The 2011 Olympic Judo 50p is a circulating commemorative coin. It means you might find it in your everyday change. However, its rarity makes it a prized find for coin enthusiasts. Many collectors actively seek it out.

What might it be worth to coin collectors?

The coin’s value varies depending on its condition. A circulated 2011 Olympic Judo 50p might fetch a few pounds. An uncirculated or proof coin can command a higher price. Some examples have sold for up to £20.

Collecting the 2011 Olympic Judo 50p can be a thrilling challenge. It’s a perfect addition to any coin collection or Olympic memorabilia set. Collectors of sports or martial arts items will also find it appealing.

Where can you buy a 2011 Olympic Judo 50p

If you’re searching for a 2011 Olympic Judo 50p, try online marketplaces or local coin shops. Auction houses and numismatic fairs may also have them. Be sure to verify the coin’s authenticity and condition before purchasing.

Another option is to swap coins with fellow collectors. Many collectors participate in online forums and communities. They often discuss their latest finds and trade duplicates. It’s an excellent way to network and expand your collection.

Once you have your 2011 Olympic Judo 50p, consider its display and storage. Proper care ensures the coin’s preservation and value. Use acid-free materials to store and display the coin. Avoid touching its surface with bare fingers to prevent tarnishing.

The 2011 Olympic Judo 50p has a unique story to tell. It represents the skill and dedication of judo athletes. It also commemorates the 2012 London Olympic Games. This coin is a symbol of sportsmanship and international unity.

In summary, the 2011 Olympic Judo 50p is a must-have for collectors. Its captivating design, rarity, and historical significance make it stand out. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned collector, this coin is a worthy addition to your collection.

So, embark on the thrilling hunt for the 2011 Olympic Judo 50p coin. Enjoy the satisfaction of discovering this rare piece. Share your passion with fellow collectors and marvel at the coin’s beauty and history. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of Olympic and numismatic history.

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