Wwf 50p

Wwf 50p

Wwf 50p at Rare British Coins

The Wwf 50p  or World Wildlife Fund commemorative 50p coin, was minted in 2011 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund or WWF. This one of many excellent commemorative 50p coins that have been issued by the Royal Mint into general circulation in recent years. The coin features fifty tiny pictures of animals on the obverse, with a panda in the middle.

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Click any listing below for full details and to find out more about WWF 50p coins for sale. Not all coins shown will be the same as one that you might own, so always check to make sure you are comparing like with like (i.e. the condition, the type of metal etc.). Obviously an uncirculated regular coin is not going to be worth as much as a proof gold version (unless of course your regular coin has a spectacular error on it – which is unlikely).

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