Tom Kitten 50p

Tom Kitten 50p

Tom Kitten 50p Rare British Coins

This Tom Kitten 50p captures another of Beatrix Potter’s most loved characters and Tom was featured on this lovely limited edition UK 50p coin in 2017.

‘The Tale of Tom Kitten’ is a classic Potter story about Tom and the other kittens trying and failing to keep their clothes clean in anticipation of a visit to their household. The Tom Kitten 50p features a lovely illustration from the book.

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Tom Kitten 50p for sale – or find out what is my Tom Kitten 50p worth.

You should check your change in case you find a rare or limited edition coin right there. There are lots of exciting commemorative and limited edition decimal coins in circulation today including 50p, £1 and £2 coins.

The Tom Kitten 50p was minted as a limited edition UK 50p coin for general circulation so you might find one in your change if you are lucky. It was also minted as a brilliant uncirculated version for collectors (available from the Royal Mint)  and also as a solid silver proof coin. Most of the recent UK 50p coins have various editions made, including coloured enamel versions and all are highly collected and bought and sold online.

What is a Tom Kitten Beatrix Potter 50p worth?

Click any listing for full details to get a good idea of what your Tom Kitten 50p coin might be worth. Remember to compare like with like – so if yours is a regular used coin, don’t judge it against the value of a mint proof silver version. If you like this one, you might also want to take a look at other Beatrix Potter coins such as the fantastic Benjamin Bunny 50p.

Buy or value Tom Kitten 50p.

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