Snowman 50p

Snowman 50p Rare British Coins

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Christmas is coming (well at the time of writing it is) and so the Royal Mint have decided to mark 40 years since the Snowman picture book was published by Raymond Briggs with a celebratory Snowman 50p coin.

For coin collectors, there are some exciting editions being minted as well, most of which have sold out already and so are sure to increase in value. Not only is there a brilliant uncirculated Snowman 50p availabie directly from the Royal Mint, but they have also issue a Snowman solid silver proof Snowman 50p, and even more excitingly, a solid gold Snowman 50p coin. Find one of those in your change, and you will be walking in the air, that’s for sure!

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Snowman 50p for sale – or find out what is my Snowman 50p worth.

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What is the value of a Snowman 50p ?

Click any link below to find out more about the coin offered and to gauge its value. Remember to take the condition into account as an uncirculated coin will be worth more than one that has been used. Also make sure you check which version of the Snowman 50p you are looking at. It might be the regular version that has been in circulation, or it could be the brilliant uncirculated Snowman 50p which has never been in a till or a purse, or it could be the much rarer solid silver proof Snowman 50p, or even the solid gold Snowman 50p – which is sure to be the most expensive version of all.

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Buy or value Snowman 50p.

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