Rushen Abbey 20p

Rushen Abbey 20p Rare British Coins

Today, we’ll dive into the captivating story behind the Rushen Abbey 20p. This Isle of Man coin has caught the attention of collectors worldwide. Let’s explore its history and why it’s so sought after.

Rushen Abbey, a medieval monastery, stands on the Isle of Man. Founded in 1134, it houses a rich history. In 2011, the Isle of Man Treasury released a special 20p coin. It commemorated the site’s 850th anniversary. The Rushen Abbey 20p has since become a must-have for collectors.

What makes the Rushen Abbey 20p so special?

First, its design stands out. The reverse side features a stunning illustration of the ancient abbey. It also bears the inscriptions “Rushen Abbey” and “20 pence.” The coin’s obverse has the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Pobjoy Mint, a renowned British minting company, crafted this masterpiece.

The Rushen Abbey 20p also has a unique composition. Unlike the UK 20p coin, the Isle of Man version is made of cupronickel. This blend of copper and nickel adds to its allure. Collectors often seek out coins with distinct materials.

Limited circulation is another reason for the Rushen Abbey 20p’s appeal. The Isle of Man Treasury minted only 30,000 of these coins. This scarcity makes them even more valuable to collectors. Their rarity enhances their appeal on the numismatic market.

The historic significance of Rushen Abbey adds to the coin’s attraction. It was a center for religion, politics, and learning. The monks of the Cistercian Order lived and worked within its walls. Rushen Abbey’s story is one of triumph and tragedy. Its dissolution in 1539 left it in ruins. Today, it stands as a monument to the past.

Where can I find one of these coins?

If you’re eager to own a Rushen Abbey 20p, there are a few options. Coin shops and online marketplaces like eBay are great places to start. Be prepared to pay a premium, though. These coins can fetch high prices due to their rarity and demand.

For an affordable alternative, consider Isle of Man coin sets. These may include the Rushen Abbey 20p alongside other commemorative coins. It’s an excellent way to grow your collection while staying within budget.

In conclusion, the Rushen Abbey 20p is a captivating piece of history. Its unique design, composition, and limited circulation make it highly desirable. The coin’s connection to the Isle of Man’s rich past adds to its allure. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual enthusiast, the Rushen Abbey 20p is a treasure worth seeking.

Remember to verify the authenticity of any coin you purchase. Work with reputable sellers and use trusted sources. This way, you’ll ensure your collection remains genuine and valuable.

Happy coin hunting, and may the Rushen Abbey 20p find a cherished place in your collection! You might also be interested in this Joey Dunlop Isle of Man 50p

How much is a Rushen Abbey UK 20p ?

Get more information by clicking on the title. Make sure you take all aspects if its condition into account if you are trying to work out what your Rushen Abbey 20p is worth.

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