One Pound Skull Of Gibraltar

One Pound Skull Of Gibraltar

One Pound Skull Of Gibraltar
This One Pound Skull Of Gibraltar coin is highly collectible, featuring a neanderthal skull. This is one of the many interesting and sometimes valuable pound coins that have been issued in both the United Kingdom and its dependent territories over the last ten or so years.

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What is the value of a Skull Of Gibraltar pound coin?

Get more information by clicking on the title. Remember to take the condition of the coin into account. Consider that your Gibraltar pound coin might be in better or in worse shape than the one you are comparing it to. Not all Gibraltar decimal pound coins are worth more than a pound.

Can I spend a Gibraltar one pound coin in the UK?

Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the UK and mints its own currency. Therefore,  even though it appears to be almost identical to a UK pound coin, it is only legal tender in Gibraltar. If you are interested in this coin, you might also want to read about the 2004 Battle of Trafalgar Gibraltar 50p. If interested in British coins, also take a trip to the fantastic Royal Mint shop.

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