5p Coin

5p Coin

The 5p coin was formally introduced inĀ 1971. Previously, the shilling had been used as a 5p coin. The decimal coin was the same size as the shilling and originally, you could use either in general circulation. This was great because sometimes you might get a really old shilling in your change, and if made before 1947, these could contain a lot of silver and be quite valuable. However in 1990, the Royal Mint decided to issue a new 5p and this is the tiny coin we use today. From then on the old 5p coin and shillings were no longer accepted in shops.

5p Coin for sale – or find out what is a rare 5p Coin worth. Because there aren’t really many special edition 5p coin types minted, collectors tend to look for mis-strikes and error coins for their coin collections so always check your change and look closely at the coins in your pocket because you never know, there may be an unusual coin just sat there waiting to be spend, or as in the case of the tiny 5p coin, put into a jar of box for another day because they are so small and fiddly that not everyone wants to weigh themselves down with them when going out to the shops.

The following are exciting and in-demand examples of 5p Coins.

What is the value of a 5p Coin ?

You can find out more about the coin for sale by clicking the link in the title. There have been various different 5p coins minted since 1990. Keep an eye out for mis-strikes or unusual errors.

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