2006 Brunel two pound

2006 Brunel  two pound coin

The 2006 Brunel two pound was minted to mark 200 years since the birth of the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel was responsible for many remarkable feats of engineering and is often regarded as the finest engin eer the country has ever had. There are two different £2 coins in this series, both minted in 2006. One shows a portrait of Brunel in front of the Royal Albert Bridge with chain links around it, and the second shows Paddington Station, specifically the main terminutes of the Great Western Railway.

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See the coins offered for sale below. These will help you value your coin. As there are two different Brunel £2 coin issues, you’ll need to check that you are comparing like with like if you are trying to establish what is my Brunel coin worth. You should also ensure that you are comparing a similar version of the coin to your own. Some of the coins advertised will be special editions that were not intended to be circulated, for example Proof coins which are struck with a mirror like finish and not intended to be spent. They will be worth a lot more than regular 2006 Brunel two pound coins that went into general circulation.

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