1981 Charles And Diana Coin

1981 Charles And Diana Coin

Are you looking for a 1981 Charles And Diana Coin – or maybe you have one and are trying to find out what it might be worth.¬† It’s hard to believe that this wedding was so long ago – 1981 seems like a very long time away now. Sadly, the marriage, as we know too well, wasn’t to last and Diana would tragically die in car accident in the 1990s after divorcing Charles.

How much is a 1981 Charles And Diana Wedding Coin ?

More information is available below – just click the title. The 1981 Charles And Diana Coin sold in large quantities. Everyone seemed to buy these back in the 1980’s – so the regular edition of the crown (which used to be worth 25 decimal pence) is quite common and easy to find. There may be special precious metal strikings that are worth more however.

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