1939 Farthing

1939 farthing

1939 Farthing at Rare British Coins

1939 Farthing coins were worth one quarter of an old penny.  Farthings were made of bronze and featured a wren from 1937 onwards. All British coins from 1939 carry a special significance of course, due to this being the year that we entered World War II after Germany invaded Poland.

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How much is a Farthing from 1939 worth ?

More information is available – just click the title below (with no obligation). Farthing coins are particularly suitable to be used for jewellery. They are small, relatively inexpensive to buy, and so can be mounted on necklaces and in other settings. For this reason, you will usually find lots of farthing jewellery amongst the actual coins. Mounting a coin in a setting will often cause damage to the coin itself and so make it less valuable to coin collectors – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the overall value of the final item is less than the value of the coin alone.

Buy or value a 1939 Farthing.

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