1969 50p

1969 50p coin

1969 50p at Rare British Coins

The 1969 50p coin was introduced to complete the then new decimal coinage lineup. It was, of course, larger than the 50p coins that we currently use.  It featured the Brittania seated next to a lion, with a shield to her right and with a three pronged spear,  a trident in her right hand and an olive branch in her left hand. The coin was inscribed with the text 50 new pence.  The 1969 50p coin was designed by Christopher Ironside.

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Please remember that you may be looking at different editions of the coin, so there might be a proof version which was struck with a special mirror like finish along side a regular 1969 50p that was used and circulated and eventually found in a drawer or in someone’s coin collection.

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