Underground 2 Pound Coin

Underground 2 Pound Coin

Underground 2 Pound Coin

The Underground 2 Pound Coin was minted in 2013 with a face value of £2. The coin has not one but two different designs to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the first London Underground station in January 1863. One of the 2013 £2 coins shows an underground train coming out of a tunnel and the other shows the world famous London Underground logo. These are both highly collectible coins and just two of many fantastic commemorative decimal coins that have been issued by the Royal Mint in recent years.

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Underground 2 Pound Coin for sale – or find out what is my Underground 2 Pound Coin worth.

Here are old coins that were returned based on the keywords that you entered which were as follows: Underground 2 Pound Coin. If you don’t want to buy one online, then remember to check your change because you might find that you come across one in your everyday spendong. Ask your family to do the same as you never know what you might turn up these days.

What is the value of a London Underground 2 Pound Coin ?

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