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Off Side Rule 50p at Rare British Coins

The 2012 off side rule 50p was minted as part of the London Olympics coin series and was, of course, intended to celebrate football as an Olympic sport. The Off-side rule is one of those sporting rules that still baffles many people, including some who claim to follow football. Rare British coins is specialising in rare quality coinage from Britain and around the world including gold and silver coins and tokens.

Off Side Rule 50p London Olympic football coin for sale – or find out what is an Off Side Rule 50p worth.

Here are hard to find and valuable coins that we think will be of interest based on the words: Off Side Rule 50p. There are many other Olympic Games 2012 50p coins, these were produced as a set to celebrate London hosting the games, and they were also issued into general circulation so there is a good chance that you might still find these in your change. These are amongst the many fantastic collectible 50p coins that the Royal Mint has produced in recent years which have greatly increased interest in everyday coinage.

How much is a Off Side Rule 50p ?

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