Johnson’s Dictionary 50p

Johnson's Dictionary 50p

Johnson’s Dictionary 50p at Rare British Coins

The Johnson’s Dictionary 50p was issued in 2005 to celebrate 250 years since Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary had first been published in 1755.  The coin features words describing what a 50p coin is – written in Johnson’s dialect of the time when the dictionary was first written. Obviously there wasn’t a 50p coin in circulation at that time as this was long ago and hundreds of years before decimal coinage was introduced.

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2006 50p coins featuring Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary 50p are shown below. Take a close look and add one of these collectible commemorative coins to your collection.

How much is a Johnson’s Dictionary 50p worth?

More information is available – just click the title. No obligation to buy. These Johnson’s Dictionary 50p coins are still in general circulation so check your change and you might find one in there any time you go shopping. If you are looking to buy one, then see see below for coins for sale. It would make a nice addition to any modern coin collection.

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