Florence Nightingale 2 Pound

Florence Nightingale 2 Pound

Florence Nightingale 2 Pound at Rare British Coins

This Florence Nightingale 2 Pound coin was minted in 2010 and was to mark both 100 years since the death of Florence Nightingale, and also the 150th anniversary of the publication of her book “Notes on Nursing” which marked in 2009, the year before the coin came out.

Like many other commemorative £2 coins, it went into general circulation and so you should check your change because you might find one in there.

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How much is a Florence Nightingale Two Pound ?

Click any link below to find out more about the coin offered. Remember to compare like with like, so if you have a regular issue 2010 £2 coin, you can’t compare it to a solid gold issue. Similarly, look out for coins for sale that have defects or errors as these are usually more valuable to coin collectors as well.

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