Five Shillings 1953

Five Shillings 1953 Coronation Crown

The Coronation five shillings 1953 coin was issued to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  This crown was a popular coin that was bought and given as a gift to many people and so will be found in lots of drawers and cupboards up and down the country to this day.  The 1953 Coronation crown features an etching of Queen Elizabeth II riding a horse on one side, with various coats of arms on the other side.

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What is a Five Shillings Coronation crown worth?

The Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation crown was minted in large quantities. Also known as a “crown”, you can see some offered for sale below. Generally speaking, normal everyday editions of the Queen Elizabeth 1953 five shillings crown are not particularly valuable, but they are of interest to anyone who collects this type of commemorative coin. If you have a special edition – for example a proof struck version or one struck in a precious metal or enameled in colour, then it should be worth a lot more than the plain coins. This was the first commemorative crown for some time, and was followed by a variety of crowns that many of us will have been given as gifts from kindly relatives before stuffing them into drawers in sideboards for posterity. Most of them are not particurly valuable – and another popular example was the 1965 Winston Churchill Crown.

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