Commonwealth Games 50p

Commonwealth Games 50p at Rare British Coins

The Commonwealth games 50p was minted to commemorate the Glasgow Commonweath games of 2014. This coin was the first sporting themed 50p coin since the London Olympics 50p in 2012. The coin features a cyclist and a sprinter along with the text “Commonwealth Games Glasgow”.

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Take a look at the Commonwealth games 50p Glasgow coins below. Buy one for your collection or compare them to find out what is my coin worth. There have been a number of sport themed collectors decimal coins minted in recent years. Some of these commemorate historical sporting events, for example Roger Bannister’s four minute mile, while others mark major sporting events, the most recent major one prior to the Commonwealth games being the range of fantastic sport coins issued to commemorate London hosting the Olympic games in 2012. Whatever your favorite sport, you can probably find a collectors coin that celebrates it.

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