Blue Peter Olympics 50p

Blue Peter Olympics 50p

The Blue Peter Olympics 50p was minted in 2009 and is one of the rarest UK 50p coins around. It was issued in a nice Blue Peter pouch as shown, and these coins can sell for quite a lot of money. If you find one in a drawer in your sideboard, don’t throw it away, it’s valuable! Please see below to get an idea of what these Blue Peter Olympics 50p coins are currently selling for. I’ve seen them go for £300+ in the past in their presentation pack. However, if you are a collector, you might find a loose used Blue Peter 2009 Olympics 50p for much much less so you should still be able to add one to your collection.  Condition is everything with coin collecting, and it’s the mint/uncirculated coins that fetch the big money. A scruffy used one will be much more affordable.

As you can probably guess, the Blue Peter Olympics 50p was a winning design in one of their competitions and the winner was Florence Jackson, who was nine years old. The coin depicts a man doing a high jump. Imagine getting your own design on a 50p coin! What a brilliant prize that was. I expect she also got a Blue Peter badge as well. Well done Florence!

Blue Peter 2009 Olympics 50p

How much is a Blue Peter Olympics 50p worth?

Click any listing for full details. Mint coins in their original mint pouches will be worth more than those that have been taken out and played with, or, heavens forbid, “spent” in shops! As this is a genuine 50p coin, there is a perfectly reasonable chance that you could find a Blue Peter Olympics 50p coin in your change – that’s if you are ever likely to go and handle coins in a shop in a post-pandemic world.

Buy or value Blue Peter Olympics 50p.

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