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50 pence

50 Pence at Rare British Coins

50 pence coins have become very popular with the introduction of a series of commemorative 50p coins from the Royal Mint. These have celebrated a wide variety of historical and sporting events as well as many significant people who have contributed in some major way to development of our society. For example, the 2012 London Olympics, the creation of the NHS, or the work of Samuel Johnson, who wrote the first ever dictionary.

50 Pence coins for sale – or find out what are 50 Pence coins worth.

Here are some fine examples of rare 50 pence coins. Many of these collectible and rare 50 pence coins often turn up in everyday circulation so check your change and you might find that you have some rare coins in your pocket that you didn’t know about until now. Amongst the many sought after editions are, for example the Benjamin Bunny 50p.

What is the price of a 50 decimal pence coin?

This depends on what sort of 50 pence coin you have. Is it a limited edition, was it minted in a precious metal or as a keepsake that wasn’t intended to go into general circulaton? More information is available – just click the title of any coin below, there is no obligation to buy anything. There are so many collectors 50p coins out there – use the search on our page to explore them as we have many listed here. Below you will find a selection of the rarest 50 pence coins for sale at the moment. Some of these will probably be outrageously over priced – but take a close look and see if you can work out why their respective sellers seem to think they are worthy of your attention.

Buy or value 50 Pence.

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