2001 Marconi 2 Pound Coin

2001 Marconi 2 Pound Coin at Rare British Coins

Guglielmo Marconi was one of the greatest communication engineers and is particularly noted for enabling morse code to be sent via radio transmission in 1901.  The letter “S” was sent from the UK and received in America. The coin therefore has the text WIRELESS BRIDGES THE ATLANTIC. MARCONI 1901. The 2001 Marconi 2 pound coin commemorates 100 years since this transmission which changed wireless communication forever.

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What is a 2001 Marconi Two Pound Coin worth?

The 2001 Marconi 2 pound coin was minted in considerable numbers and so you should check your change as there is a good chance you might find one any time.  More information on what is a Marconi £2 worth is available by checking the information below – just click any title for the full detail.

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