1957 Halfpenny

1957 halfpenny

1957 Halfpenny

1957 halfpenny coins for sale and for comparison. It might seem hard to believe now that not only did we have half penny coins (even the decimal versions were phased out some time ago) but also that we had such large half penny coins.

The 1957 halfpenny featured an engraving of Sir Francis Drake’s galleon which was called ‘The golden hind’. This is a very famous UK coin design. The design was used for a number of years and there are two main variations to the halfpenny coins of this type, and that is the type of sea in the background. There is one design with a calm sea, and another with a rough sea. You can see the difference in the waves beneath the galleon (it’s quite subtle, but deliberate).

The coin also features the young Queen Elizabeth II head.  The halfpenny coin was eventually replaced with the small decimal halfpenny coin which has now been discontinued. Back in the day, before inflation reduced the spending power of smaller coins, you could buy quite a lot of goods with half a penny (and there were much smaller denomination coins in circulation, such as the the farthing).

What is a 1957 Halfpenny worth?

Click any listing for full details. Check the condition of any coins shown, and hear in mind the two different variations in the waves as well.

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