10p Chicken Rock Lighthouse

10p Chicken Rock Lighthouse.

10p Chicken Rock Lighthouse

The 10p Chicken Rock Lighthouse is a ten pence coin that was issued in the Isle of Man.  Chicken Rock lighthouse itself is just off the southern tip of the Isle of Man. It was built 1868 from granite blocks forming a tapered tower and it contained a lantern room and single gallery.  David and Thomas Stevenson of the Stevenson lighthouse engineering family designed and built it.  

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Below are coins that we found based on the rare coin search terms that you entered which were as follows: Chicken Rock Lighthouse 10p. If you live on the Isle of Man you should check your change in case you find a rare or limited edition coin right there. There are lots of exciting commemorative and limited edition decimal coins in circulation today including 50p, £1 and £2 coins. If you have found this coin in your change in the UK, then unfortunately you can’t spend it (well you’re not supposed to be able to) – but they do seem to sell online for more than their face value so all may not be lost.

What is my Chicken Rock Lighthouse 10p worth ?

See below to get an idea of the value of an Isle of Man Chicken rock lighthouse 10p coin. Remember to take the condition into account as an uncirculated coin will be worth more than one that has been used. This particular coin has been in circulation on the Isle of Man for several years, but some years may be scarcer than others. Also look out for special editions of the coin – for example uncirculated proof editions, or silver or annual collections.  If you are buying or selling a used coin, make sure you grade it correctly as a coin in mint condition is worth a lot more than one that is worn or damaged.

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